4 Interesting Therapies You Might Not Know Of

We all know that playing with animals is fun and relaxing, but have you ever heard of these other forms of therapy?


  • Gestalt Therapy

This form of therapy requires that the patient sit and speak to an empty chair, visualizing the person they would like to role-play with. This can be a helpful way to address trauma without putting a patient in the presence of an abuser. It can also be a great way to help one express their deep-rooted feelings in a safe space.


  • Puppet Therapy

Similar to Gestalt therapy, this version helps patients get to the source of childhood trauma by allowing them to reenact their past through the use of puppets.


  • Sand Therapy

Playing with piles of sand may seem like a useless pastime, but patients with emotional issues can be taught to cope through the use of this creative outlet.


  • Animal Therapy

Those who suffer from high blood pressure, depression,  or anxiety can all benefit greatly from animal therapy. Whether they are playing with the animals, taking them on walks, or simply interacting with them; this form of therapy is a great stress-reliever.