Resident Life

Enjoy Your senior Resident life!

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Morrow Manor offers a wide range of senior resident life enrichment activities and programs that our residents can enjoy. Do you wish to learn more about senior resident life here at Morrow Manor? If so, be sure to contact us today to have all your questions answered!

Throughout Morrow Manor, there are attractive wall coverings, carpeting, and recessed lighting. Therefore, comfortable seating areas are designed for the residents to enjoy quiet time and conversation with family and friends. So, when you need someone to help your older relatives or loved ones in the Morrow County area be sure to choose us!

Accommodations include private and shared rooms that are spacious and tastefully appointed. So, environmental services maintain a pleasant, clean and secure environment.

Safety features include a security system that monitors all entrances and exits for the safety of our residents. Meaning that no matter what, you will be safe and secure! Also, our centrally located nursing station is equipped with a state of the art call system that allows our staff to respond to the needs of our residents quickly.

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