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Each member of our professional health care team is meticulously handpicked to ensure the highest standard of our senior care services. We prioritize finding the right combination of genuine compassion toward our residents and proven professional qualifications. This genuine empathy is an inherent trait present in all our team members. Our personnel are highly skilled, and their specialty lies in long-term nursing care. They implement individualized rehabilitative nursing techniques to foster the maximum level of self-reliance in our residents, thus enabling a swift return to their previous way of life.

Our proficient medical director, Matthew Hintz, MD, has been an integral part of our team for several years. His vast experience and insightful contributions have boosted our services to unparalleled heights. Besides guiding our medical team, he also operates a private practice within the community and is an esteemed staff member at Ohio Health. Should you require physician services, he is readily available for a personalized conference to address your needs.

We also feature a pharmacy service distinguished by a unit dose system, accessible to all our residents. A registered pharmacist consultant regularly oversees medication, ensuring every resident is receiving the appropriate pharmaceutical care. As senior helpers that prioritize elderly care, we make certain that each resident at Morrow Manor receives the stellar care they merit.

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At our facility, the emotional and social requirements of our residents are accommodated. So, we provide the highest standards of nursing care and senior care services. Also physical, occupational, and speech therapy. So, the staff is constantly informed of the latest in nursing techniques and ideas through regular seminars and in-service training. This allows our team to stay up to date with the best methods of care.

Get the best in care with our great team, who are dedicated to making our residents’ lives better than when they entered. Wish to learn more about our senior care services here at Morrow Manor? Be sure to contact us today to get your questions answered!