Our Healthy Heart Program Is Proven To Help Our Residents

The Goals Of Our Healthy Heart Program:

At Morrow Manor, nestled in the heart of Morrow County, Ohio, we tenderly cultivate joy and well-being through our esteemed Healthy Heart Program. As guardians of your loved one’s health, we stand as a pillar of support, guiding each individual towards a life abundantly rich in happiness and wellness.

Our Healthy Heart Program is an echo of our personalized approach to cardiac care, woven with diverse physical therapy services crafted to meet the unique needs of every soul we have the honor to serve. 

Morrow Manor’s devoted team, a mosaic of skill and compassion, works tirelessly to inspire strength and spark engagement in a home where every day is an opportunity for fulfillment and vibrant living.

senior woman making heart with hands

Our Healthy Heart Program incorporates key elements of heart-healthy lifestyle management:

  • Engaging Everyday Activities: We encourage everyday exercise aimed at fostering autonomy and promoting physical health, helping develop a strong and healthy heart in Morrow County.

  • Heart Medication Management: Our thorough insights and guidance on prescribed medication management allow residents to take control of their health while we take care of the complexities.

healthy heart program

When you or your loved one joins us at Morrow Manor, you can expect a level of care and dedication that is not seen anywhere else! You will certainly begin to feel better and more like yourself after going through our healthy heart program, and our other rehabilitation programs.

Our state of the art healthy heart program is designed for each of our residents. Our team knows that each individual is different, that is why each treatment is different! After we perform our diagnostic tests, we will give you your specially designed heart plan. This plan is made with you in mind, meaning that each is unique, just like our residents.

We have had tremendous results from the use of this program, and we hope that you are the next to join it!