What Does Quality Nursing Care Look Like? 

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For years, there has been controversy around the typical nursing home model. Many ask themselves if it is worth it to put their loved one(s) at risk of neglect and abuse, and this concern has only increased since the spread of COVID-19. In some nursing homes, the effects of the pandemic are still taking place: many elderly have suffered symptoms and complications, staff members have taken leave, and nursing homes have become understaffed and unable to provide basic needs for residents. So, where does that leave us? 

Our hope is that our expert nursing team gives you ample reassurance that your loved one is well taken care of. The Ohio Department of Aging has even named Morrow Manor Top 5 in the State of Ohio based on their family satisfaction survey. One reason may be due to our extensive medical monitoring and enforcement of social distancing measures during the pandemic. Or, it may be because of our kind staff, who are handpicked based on their willingness and passion to serve our community at Morrow Manor. Or, could it be our attention to detail as our nurses and physicians balance the needs of multiple patients in our facility? Quality nursing care is likely a combination of all of these things, which is why our patients trust Morrow Manor for their rehabilitation, strength building, caregiving, and therapy needs! 

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