The Master Crafters of Morrow Manor

When people think of nursing homes, assisted living, or other long term care facilities, they often believe they are boring or that the residents don’t like to interact with each other. We’re here to tell you that at Morrow Manor, that’s certainly not the case! We have a full calendar of activities every month, filled with games, music, social coffee and tea hours, and…Crafts!


In the fall, our residents really enjoyed doing the more seasonal crafts that emphasized the beauty of the changing leaves, Halloween spirit, and autumn harvest. For example, we took small gourd decorations to the next level by giving them a splash of color! Using wax crayons and a hairdryer, residents were able to drip fun hues onto the gourds and personalize them to their liking. 


In December, we of course took advantage of the holiday season to make festive crafts, such as dried fruit ornaments, popcorn, and cranberry garland, Christmas cards, and even melted snowman decorations. These are all such fun ideas to raise holiday spirit and get creative in the presence of fellow “master crafters”!


Though Christmas and New Year’s have come and gone, there are still some fun and super cute crafts for the winter season that you can make with your family! One classic, kid-friendly project that doesn’t require many supplies is paper snowflakes. Starting with a blank piece of paper, begin folding it up into increasingly smaller squares and triangles. Then, cut little shapes into the edges and center of the folded paper. When you unfold it, you’ll be left with a crafty snowflake! The kids will love to mix up cutting patterns and paper colors, too, and these can serve as easy seasonal decorations for playrooms and refrigerators. 


Do you enjoy arts and crafts? What kinds of projects have you made?