Summer Rehabilitation at Morrow Manor

senior care experts

Rehabilitation isn’t always easy. Without the proper care, time, and tools, it can be stressful and challenging. At Marion Manor, our caring staff creates impactful strategies for each resident’s best success, whether they plan to stay with us shortly or for an extended period of time. Here are a few ways we put our residents first:

Sometimes, our seniors need limited attention from our facility, and they wish that a family member becomes the primary caregiver for their specific needs. This is why we offer caregiving training. With this program, the whole family can be ensured that the rehabilitation patient is in good hands at all times, whether they are in or out of our facility.

We also implement prosthetic and orthotic training for those in need of guidance when experiencing a new life change. We understand adjusting to a knee brace, a cast, or even a prosthetic arm or leg can be difficult, so assistance with controls and incremental strength training can be helpful for individuals with these new devices.

In addition to targeting physical growth, we also support mental renewal and offer outpatient therapy for those who are seeking mental health services. This style of therapy allows us to assist residents in a more relaxed manner compared to a hospital-style routine monitoring.

At Morrow Manor, we are dedicated to ensuring that our residents are prepared for life after a physically or emotionally life-altering event. We aim to provide the best quality rehabilitation services in the area! To learn more about our rehabilitation practices, please visit our website. Thanks for reading!