Our Restorative Therapy Programs  

senior woman in walker being helped by our caretaker

Restoration isn’t easy, but it is achievable with a personalized success program created by healthcare professionals. At Morrow Manor, we offer various therapeutic services and work to reduce pain, increase awareness about common debilitative illnesses and care techniques, and build strength. We do so by utilizing prosthetic training, stroke recovery, home task training, and more so that our patients and their families are never uninformed and can eventually take care of the issue independently without the help of our nursing care facility. This process renews and restores independence and confidence for many of our senior residents, which is our ultimate goal. 

The patients we see struggle with a variety of physical limitations, like joint pain and post-stroke complications, to name a couple. In addition to helping our residents cope with a number of issues, we also assist them with the use of health devices, teaching best practices, and awareness of our resources along the way. From there, we create a plan for them following all existing protocols and guidelines and consider their individual health concerns. For most of our residents, this means we will approach health concerns slowly but surely, and gradually increase the difficulty of routines and exercises as we go (this is especially true in strength training). This process allows the patient to grow physically and mentally stronger comfortably and safely. 

Do you still have questions about our therapy programs? If so, please visit our website if you’d like to learn more about the resources we have available at our facilities. Stay tuned for more information about our facility, and check back next month for updates!