November Fun at Morrow Manor


It’s been a great November so far at Morrow Manor! We welcomed fall last month by painting pumpkins, and got spooky for Halloween with scarecrow crafts! But now, as we dive deeper into the season, it’s important our residents stay happy and healthy. So, we’ll keep the ball rolling with the fun!

That shouldn’t be too difficult a task, as we’re getting closer to a favorite holiday: Thanksgiving!

And boy, do we have a lot to be thankful for! From delicious, nutritious meals to fun games with friends, and caring and supportive staff, this season’s blessings are overflowing. 

One way we’re taking care of our residents this month is through our beauty services. We recently had a ladies’ nail painting day. Our residents appreciate this time of self-care as it improves their confidence and self-esteem. 

We also value our residents’ health by creating delicious and nutritious meals for them from scratch! These meals are inspired by the community and give residents a sense of independence over their healthy menu choices. That doesn’t mean that we don’t like to bake up a yummy treat every once in a while! This month, our residents enjoyed decorating Turkey cupcakes for Thanksgiving and getting creative!

Staying social is also an important part of our health! That’s why this November, we’ve been continuing community leisure time with our usual weekly bingo nights and Coffee and Tea Time with friends! These activities are important because they allow our residents time to connect with each other and relax. 

This month, we’re also keeping our brains sharp by hosting a Puzzle Hour. This is a fun way to improve memory and brain health for our residents. 

We can’t wait for upcoming December activities to come at Morrow Manor, so make sure to check out our newsletter to find out what we’ll be up to, or see our page on social media for photos and more!