National Nurses Month

nurse pushing man in wheelchair

May is a very special time at Morrow Manor, and not just because of all the spring festivities and exciting planned monthly activities! It’s National Nurses Month, an observance we hold so dear to our hearts here in our Chesterville skilled nursing center.

It takes an extraordinary kind of person to become a nurse. One must go through years of specialized training and studies, hold extreme patience and determination, and perhaps most of all, possess an immense passion for his or her fellow human beings, no matter the circumstance. In our eyes, nurses are truly the backbone of healthcare. They work long hours with little thanks, and we’d like to recognize the amazing work they do.

If you read our May newsletter, you might know that the theme of National Skilled Nursing Care Week (which ran from May 9th to the 15th) was “Together Through the Seasons”. Now, this could be interpreted in a number of ways, but we like to acknowledge the crucial role nurses have played since last May in dealing with the pandemic. They have been on the front lines battling waves of the coronavirus, working in hospitals and nursing centers like ours to deliver the best care possible to patients and residents.

Their support has been unwavering through the seasons–through the ups and downs of healthcare. For those specialized nurses, like the ones who help those with memory care needs, the responsibility is even greater and more rewarding.

This National Nurses Month, take a moment to thank a nurse in your life and reflect back on the healthcare you have received in the past, acknowledging the sacrifice and dedication of those who treated you. THANK YOU, nurses, for all you do in health settings across the country, but especially in our very own Morrow Manor!