Making A Difference In Memory Care

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Did you know that there are currently more than 55 million people worldwide that are living with dementia? People aren’t always aware of the differences between Alzheimer’s and other dementias. That’s why we hope to help educate on the topic. With dementia being so common, it isn’t always the same for everyone. At Morrow Manor, we truly understand that and are dedicated to helping you and your loved ones learn how to live positively with dementia. 

Our facility is proud to offer Pathways Memory Care! We have a skilled and dedicated team who are able to help educate you on dementia and how it affects you and your way of life. Although Alzheimer’s is the most well-known, there are several other memory disorders that people live with too. Currently, 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s, which is estimated to go up to around 13 million by 2050. 

At our facility, staff nurture residents by creating comfortable and familiar surroundings to make things more comfortable for our residents. Part of our memory care is to ensure that there is always open communication with our residents and their families. Specialized programs assist each person in having success in their days as it is essential for individuals to thrive and feel worthy. Some of the things we provide through this program include 24/7 licensed nurses caring for you or your loved one, on-site therapists, a top-notch trained dementia staff, home-cooked meals, secure setting and features, and respite options for caregivers.

Morrow Manor is determined to make our dementia residents feel comfortable and confident in their healthcare journey. We are proud of how many this program has been able to help too. If you or your loved one is thinking about taking on some extra help in living with dementia, visit our website to learn more or call us at 419-768-2401.