Healthy Heart, Healthy Life: The Healthy Heart Program

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Boost Your Wellness with Our Healthy Heart Program

A healthy heart is a key cornerstone of well-being, especially in your senior years. That’s the reason why our life-altering Healthy Heart Program can serve as a game-changer for seniors in Ohio looking for independent living communities.

This personalized program not only aids recovery but also promotes healthy living for seniors post-cardiac event. The best part? It’s all thanks to a few simple lifestyle changes. Here’s how we do it:

Personalized Daily Activities

The program integrates enjoyable daily activities tailored to individual preferences. We realize the importance of creating sustainable change through fun-filled exercises and hobbies. Our seniors follow customized plans for optimal results, ranging from leisurely 20-minute walks to other more personalized forms of exercise.

Heart-Healthy Meals

A nutritious diet is an integral part of the Healthy Heart Program. This involves an increase in fruits and vegetables, healthy portion sizes, and an emphasis on whole grains. We educate both residents and their families on these diet guidelines for more successful implementation.

Appropriate Medications

If challenges persist despite a good diet and regular exercise, problems with medication could be to blame. Our team carefully evaluates every resident’s requirements to ascertain the suitability of heart medications.

To summarize, with a combination of suitable exercise, balanced meals, and the right medication, our Healthy Heart Program can materially improve the lives of those who’ve had a cardiac arrest before. We’re here to provide the needed help for your loved ones at Morrow Manor.

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