Healthy Heart, Healthy Life: The Healthy Heart Program

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We all know that having a healthy heart is a fundamental part of wellness, and that’s why our Healthy Heart program at Morrow Manor is transformational and life-changing for many of our residents. With just a few lifestyle tweaks, our seniors are left feeling happier and healthier after a recent cardiac event. Here’s why:

We incorporate new daily activities into our program that are customized to each individual’s preferences. We believe that, in order to produce sustainable change, daily exercises and hobbies should be enjoyable. Some residents may be advised to walk 20 minutes a day, while for others this type of exercise may not be suitable. Customized plans allow our seniors to achieve the most growth.

A heart-healthy diet is also factored into our program at Morrow Manor. For most, this typically means reduced portion sizes, a large increase in fruits and vegetables, and more whole grains. Residents and family members are educated on these new dietary guidelines for best success.

If difficulties still persist after the implementation of exercise and a healthy diet, sometimes incorrect (or nonexistent) medications can be the issue. We carefully assess the resident’s needs in order to evaluate whether they are eligible for heart medications.

In combination, proper exercise, a healthy diet, and helpful medications can enrich the lives of those who have struggled with cardiac arrest in the past. Our staff at Morrow Manor can help your loved one get the help they need. If you’d like to learn more about the resources we have available at our facilities, please visit our website or follow us on Facebook for regular updates. Thanks for reading!