Choosing the Right Nursing Home

5 Easy Steps


Choosing the right nursing home or care facility for your loved one can seem like a challenge. Here are a few tips to use before making your decision.


  1. Talk it out

Talk the decision over with friends and family. It always helps to have a second opinion from the people around you and the people who know your loved one.


  1. Consider your options

What is most important to you and your family? What does your loved one need most at this time? Do you need a facility for long-term care or for rehabilitation? What location will be best for your family and visitation?


  1. Call

Talk with each facility on your list. Make sure they provide the services you deemed necessary for your family. Discuss waiting lists, occupancy numbers, cost, etc.


  1. Visit

Set up a scheduled visit with the director and nursing director. Ask questions about anything that may concern you such as odors, meals, religious options, certifications, handicap access, etc.


  1. Visit again

Make an unannounced visit. Go at a different time of day or day of the week than your previous meeting to see differences in staff. Make sure meal times run smoothly and all areas are clean and up to your standards.


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