A Unique Program that Cares

model of human brain

Caring for a relative who is showing signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s can be a hard task to handle. Oftentimes residents who start to show signs of this disease are unpredictable and it is difficult to know how they will react from one day to the next. At Morrow Manor, we have a unique program called The Morrow Manor Pathways Memory Care Program, which is dedicated to serving residents with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and related memory impairments. 

Residents who are in memory care often need help with everyday activities such as taking medications, bathing, grooming, eating, and getting dressed. We provide intensive, long-term medical care to seniors with serious health and dementia conditions. This is held in a fully-staffed and monitored facility that is separate from the other Alzheimer’s unit, and this is because Alzheimer’s is a specific form of dementia. As the disease progresses it tends to get worse and the level of care needed goes up. Our Alzheimer’s patient living environment is equipped to deal with that level of care and is secured to prevent wandering, a common symptom of the disease. 

We understand that memory impairments may have an impact on everyday life and interfere with even the simplest tasks of the day. This can leave the resident feeling worthless and run down, however, with our dedication and our specialized programs to assist each resident to have success in their days we can promise that we are doing our very best to help them thrive. We offer everything dementia or Alzheimer’s patient would need, including 24 hour licensed nurses, on-site therapists, trained dementia staff, home-cooked meals, secure setting, and features and respite options for caregivers. Dementia and Alzheimers can be scary, not only for the resident but for the family involved as well. We understand that these changes can come slow or they can come quickly. No matter the situation, we are there when you need us.