ATTENDING senior care physicians

Our professional health care staff & senior care physicians in Ohio are chosen carefully. Also, they combine a genuine concern for the residents along with their professional credentials. This genuine concern is an attitude shared by all our staff members. Finally, these people are highly trained, and long term nursing care is their specialty. Wish to learn more? Contact us today!


Attending senior care Physician

Matthew Hintz, MD became Medical Director of Morrow Manor Nursing Center in 2004.  As an experienced and board certified family practitioner, Dr. Hintz brings a supportive and sensitive style of medical care and leadership to Morrow Manor Nursing Center.  His compassion and innovation have truly benefited the geriatric population throughout the community.  We feel privileged to have Dr. Hintz working hand-in-hand with the nursing staff of our facility to provide the best care possible to the residents of Morrow Manor Nursing Center.

Dr. Hintz lives in Delaware with his wife, Almeda, and their two daughters, Jade and Joy.